Destin, Florida is the place to be if you’re looking for gorgeous ocean views, white sand, delicious seafood, and watersport activities. You can cruise down the coastal streets with the windows down or weave through the harbor walk and resorts in your rented golf cart.

The city of Destin has a ton to offer and an endless supply of opportunities, like the chance to parasail above the entire Emerald Coast. Destin parasailing is one of a kind and an absolute must if you want to soak in the vastness of the ocean and its majestic coast!

The best thing about parasailing is that anyone can do it! And parasailing in Destin, Florida has prices that are affordable for many. Here’s everything you need to know about parasailing and where to find the best places to parasail!

How to Prepare for Parasailing 

Your first Destin parasailing adventure will be a wild ride full of excitement, scenic views, and possibly a bit of shaking (if you have a fear of heights)! 

But don’t worry if it’s your first time since parasailing Destin beach offers breathtaking views to keep your mind on the scenery and off any fear! Here are some helpful tips on what you can expect if you’re thinking of parasailing in Destin, Florida. 

Know How it Works

Whether you are parasailing in Destin, Florida, or Choctawhatchee Bay, gliding hundreds of feet above the water offers a kind of thrill unmatched by a day at the beach. 

Still, it’s best to know what to expect when you book your parasailing reservation. For instance, most companies will typically have you load onto the boat through a dock. You will say goodbye to the shoreline and hello to open water and open air. 

Every company provides life vests to everyone, so you will not have to worry about drowning. Once the captain is ready, fliers are strapped into a harness and hoisted up into the air gradually. 

You should expect high altitudes, some windy conditions depending on the day, and a bird’s eye view of the coast most famous for its emerald gleam. 

Know What to Bring

If you have thoroughly packed for your ultimate vacation at 30A, you already have a head start in preparing for when you’re parasailing through Destin beach. 

You can wear whatever you like on a parasailing ride as long as you are comfortable. Some rides have the option to get wet, so a bathing suit would be just fine!

Many parasailing companies encourage people to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, towels, and water since you’ll be on a boat for over an hour (in most cases). However, bringing yourself is also totally fine. 

You can also bring a camera to capture the sweet memories of your Destin parasailing adventure. Every parasailing company does offer picture packages but at a higher cost. So, if you’re looking to save a little, you could always snap some pics while you’re up in the air. 

Book in Advance 

Some of Destin’s parasailing prices are a bit expensive, so booking in advance is a great way to lower the costs and save you some money without compromising quality and entertainment. 

Early bird specials are available with parasailing companies like Wet-n-Wild Watersports. You can make your reservation online or call them! Keep in mind that some of these specials are only offered at certain times throughout the day.  

How Much Parasailing in Destin, Florida Costs 

From journeying to the coast to booking your beautiful beach house rental, there is bound to be some money spent. But the best vacations are a combination of both luxury, fun, and affordability. 

Destin’s parasailing prices can be affordable, but it’s important to be aware of tourist traps that are quite expensive. For example, Destin areas are known for higher costs in almost everything, including Destin parasailing activities.  

Parasailing adventure booking In Destin Florida

So, how much does parasailing in Destin truly cost? Most Destin parasailing companies charge by flier with the lowest being around $45 and the highest reaching $85 (and up). On top of these fees are the optional gratuity and picture packages. People who just want to lounge on the parasailing boat often can for a lower fee.

Where to Find the Best Parasailing in Destin, Florida 

A beach getaway offers activities for families, night owls, and anyone simply looking to relax. Parasailing is a unique adventure that can satisfy all three. Still, parasailing in Destin, Florida, sometimes has prices that can put a dent in your wallet. 

Here’s a list of the top 5 Destin parasailing companies that will give you exhilarating views at affordable prices. 

1. Just Chute Me Parasail 


Phone number 850-650-4630

Just Chute Me has a pretty unforgettable name, but its 20 plus years’ of fun watersports are sure to take you on a summer adventure you’ll also never forget. They offer between 10-12 minutes of breathtaking flight time starting at $65 per flier and $45 per observer. 

Parasailing rides are offered around the Miramar, Destin, Destin, and Fort Walton Beach areas. Each trip follows rigorous safety protocols, and includes U.S. Coast Guard certified equipment and captains! 

You can book parties with up to 45 people. So, if you’re vacationing with the whole family, bring them along on the boat for spectacular views of the Emerald Coast and its marine life. 

2. Boogies Parasailing


Phone number 850-654-4497

Boogies offer single, double, and triple flights so that couples, friends, or independent travelers can enjoy the views of Destin’s beaches from 400 feet into the air. They offer thrilling experiences and beautiful views all over the city without the hassle of hundreds of tourists. 

You can get 10-12 minutes of flight time and an hour and a half on the boat for $85 per flier and $55 per spectator. Boogies offer their guests access through the docks or by their newest addition, the Nautica Shuttle Boat. 

Getting wet is optional since Boogies lifts and lands every flier from the deck on the boat. But for those who want to make a splash, the captain will dip you into the water if you ask! 

3. Captain Jambo’s Parasailing


Phone number 850-888-8359

Captain Jambo’s offers all the outdoor water adventures you can think of. Parasailing is one of the exciting activities on their list. At $80 per flier, you can take a 10-12 minute flight above the emerald waters and gaze around at the entire city of Destin. 

Captain Jambo’s is family-owned and operated, so every guest gets a homey, warm, and personalized experience to make their sightseeing even more special. 

The captain will equip you with U.S. Coast Guard certified life jackets and sail you away from the beautiful beach location until you lift off into the sky. You might even see sharks, dolphins, and sea turtles while you’re up 500 feet in the air! 

Captain Jambo’s is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., so you can give them a call or book online at any time. 

4. Wet-N-Wild Watersports 


Phone number 850-243-2628

Wet-n-Wild Watersports is a popular choice for many locals and tourists that seek saltwater thrills. This watersports company offers exciting parasailing rides starting at $65. However, if you book a reservation for the morning tours, you get the early bird discount for $55 instead of $65. 

Once you book your reservation, your parasailing adventure is smooth sailing thanks to Wet-n-Wild’s gentle landing and take off from the boat’s deck. So, you won’t get too wet (unless you prefer to take a dip in the ocean)! 

Destin parasailing, Okaloosa Island parasailing, and Destin parasailing are all locations that Wet-n-Wild offer to fliers. A one-hour boat tour is also included with every purchase so you get to view the crystal clear waters of each town and have the wind blowing in your hair as you glide along the coast. 

5. Gilligan’s Watersports 


Phone number 850-650-9000

When you find yourself in Destin, Crab Island parasailing is a must! The local and tourist hotspot gives boaters a chance to bask in the sun while being close to the best watersport companies, including Gilligan’s Watersports! 

Gilligan’s crew are experts when it comes to Crab Island and Okaloosa Island and love taking passengers on the routes off the coast. 

Gilligan’s parasailing provides adventurers with some of the best parasailing in Destin, Florida. Boats depart from the docks from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and allow guests to explore gorgeous views of the Emerald Coast’s beaches, marine life, and city. 

The typical Destin parasailing prices are no match for Gilligan’s affordable $45 fee for each flier and $25 fee for each observer. Guests board the boats, strap on life jackets, ride out into the open air and water, and are then strapped into a safety harness that hoists guests up 500 feet in the air. 

Ready to Book Your Parasailing Adventure? 

You’re practically a parasailing guru now! Parasailing in the city of Destin, Florida has affordable prices for everyone and the chance to see the Emerald Coast in all its splendor. 

Now your Destin parasailing adventure awaits you! If you don’t know where to look or how to book that long-awaited trip, Beach Luxury Vacations can help you book your adventure so that each moment is luxurious, exciting, and unforgettable. 

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