30A Florida luxury vacations are an unforgettable experience. If you’ve never vacationed to Florida 30A before, it can be difficult to know where to start as there are so many wonderful things to do! That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide for things to do in 30A, containing everything you need to know before you go to Florida. It also contains resources you may need to use while you’re there such as 30A Florida things to do and information about the best 30A Florida beaches. 

One of the main reasons that 30A is so popular for vacations is its stunning beaches. If you want blue beaches and white sands, you’re in the right place. Many people ask us, what are the best 30A beaches in Florida? Honestly – they all have their merits. Which one you choose depends on what you’re looking for. Many 30A resorts are located along the beach to cater to holidaymakers, so it really does depend on what you are trying to do as a family or as a couple.

However, if you do not have the time to read into all the activities we picked up for you in 30A, a quick way to get an overview of the 5 best of them is by watching our video below:

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Here is some more information about the best Florida 30A beaches, and the things to do there.

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Best Florida 30A beaches

30A Florida Seaside

If you’ve ever seen the 1998 blockbuster hit ‘The Truman Show’, you’ll be well aware of Seaside. The stunning town, with beautiful beachside properties and cobbled streets aplenty,  was where the movie was filmed. Today, it is one of the premier locations in 30A Florida. Even if you don’t stay in Seaside during your time in 30A Florida, you’ll probably find yourself visiting once or twice.

If you want to get to know the town, start walking around Central Square. Eat along food truck row, home to permanent food trucks that serve everything from baked goods to barbeque.

Afterward, take a moment to stroll through the three green spaces, Ruskin Place, Amphitheater, and Lyceum. Ruskin Place is a charming park just north of Central Square, surrounded by galleries. The Amphitheater is a small open-air stage near the shore with regular events. The Lyceum is a green square famous for different occasions.

You should also take some time to see what’s playing on the weekends or head to the Central Square on Saturday morning to catch the Seaside Farmer’s Market, one of the best 30A Florida things to do for families.

30A Florida Rosemary Beach

If Seaside sounds a bit too surreal, Rosemary Beach is its trendy, modern counterpart. Rosemary Beach is every bit as popular as Seaside, but with a contemporary chic vibe. The town is packed with artisan boutiques, restaurants, and independent stores. Rosemary Beach has a slower pace than many of the beaches in 30A Florida, so rent a bike or take a leisurely walk around the town to get the best experience.

If you’re in town, another one of the things to do in 30a Florida is to stop by the city’s northern end to explore. It’s filled with pocket parks with public art, fountains, and playgrounds. If that’s not enough exercise, you can head to the world-class fitness center to get your blood pumping.

One of the best 30A Florida things to do for couples is a rooftop sunset dinner, and you have two fantastic options in this town. Pescado’s or the four-diamond restaurant Havanna Beach Bar & Grill.

Rosemary Beach is known as one of America’s most romantic small towns, making it perfect for weddings and honeymoons.

30A Florida Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa Beach is the biggest beach community in the 30A Florida area and is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for a diverse range of things to do. Looking to do some shopping? Santa Rosa has a number of boutique stores. Fancy relaxing on the beach? Santa Rosa is famous for its white sands and blue waters. If you’re looking for something a bit more active you can rent a paddle board and explore the coastline. If you want many different things from your vacation, Santa Rosa Beach is an amazing choice.

Santa Rosa Beach is home to some incredible artists, actors, and nature. There’s plenty things to see and do in this wonderful 30a Florida area, with two state parks, Point Washington State Forest and Grayton Beach State Park.

In our list of things to do in 30a Florida, visiting Gulf Place is definitely included. You’ll be able to do some shopping and take a look at the galleries. If experimenting with local beer is up to your alley, Grayton Brewery is the place to go. If you want to pick up some souvenirs, check out The Workshop by Ginger, a charming local store with even more charming gifts.

Without a snorkeling expedition to America’s first permanent underwater art museum, The Underwater Museum of Art, no visit on Florida’s 30a would be complete. Located one mile off the coast of Santa Rosa and 58 feet underwater, only certified divers can visit this stunning attraction.

30A Florida Blue Mountain Beach

If relaxation is your aim, Blue Mountain Beach is the perfect area for plenty of things to do in this wonderful part of 30a Florida. One of the most naturally beautiful places in all of 30A Florida, it’s the best place to go and kick back. With great restaurants, cafes, and bars, you’ll have plenty of choices of where to go to top up on refreshments after lazy afternoons at the beach.

However, there’s plenty of entertainment too if you go looking for it. If you’re up for some adventure, take a paddleboat out onto one of the three nearby lakes to explore some native wildlife. If you prefer to stay on dry land, rent a bike from Big Daddy’s Bike Shop and tackle the Timpoochee trail, a nineteen-mile bike trail that stretches from one end of 30A beach towns to the other.

If you’re more in the mood for good food and great company, head to Redfish Village, a lovely shopping center home to Redfish Tacos, a local favorite.

30A Florida Grayton Beach

If you’re looking for the fun and quirky, it doesn’t get much better than Grayton Beach. This was the first beach community in 30A Florida, with a long history of welcoming holidaymakers from across the USA, and indeed the world. Provided you get the proper permits, it’s the only part of Florida 30A that allows you to drive a Jeep on the sand. The famous Red Bar is a 30A institution, and is a must-visit even if you choose not to stay in Grayton Beach.

Grayton’s unofficial motto is “Nice Dogs, Strange People,” and it’s one of the best locations in 30A to bring your pet along. The Shops at Grayton is home to galleries and artists galore, and an absolute must-visit is Hong’s Shard Shop, where you can create your artistic masterpiece to take home…a really fun thing to do for both families and couples during your dream 30a vacation in Florida!

Besides the town, another one of the things to do in 30a Florida is charter a boat with a local fishing guide for your deep-sea expedition, and you can end the day at an excellent local restaurant like Hurricane Oyster Bar or Nanbu Noodle Bar.

30A Florida WaterColor

This beach is the perfect choice for large groups, or families with small children. Everything you could possibly want or need during a beach vacation in Florida 30A is available within walking distance.  It’s also home to some seriously high-end accommodation, such as the luxurious Watercolor Inn, one of the best hotels in the area.

The Watercolor Inn is also home to the famous restaurant of 30A FOOW (Fish Out Of Water), perfect for couples and families alike.

Cerulean Park is the crown jewel of Watercolor and is one of the best 30A Florida things to do for families. Taking your time to wander the picturesque paths and trails of the park will not disappoint.

If you time it right, you can stay during the Mountainfilm on Tour Festival, a two-night outdoor film festival loved by locals and enthusiasts alike.

30A Florida Seagrove

Not sure where to stay when in 30A Florida? Seagrove is right in the thick of it, with Seaside and Rosemary Beach roughly equidistant between the two. Stay in Seagrove, rent a car, and enjoy everything that 30A has to offer during your vacation. That’s not to say that Seagrove is any less desirable than any other area in 30A Florida though. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, and shop all within walking distance.

If you’re sick of salt, visit Deer Lake State Park or Eastern Lake to get a taste of freshwater lakes ripe for exploration.

If you’re in the mood for sushi, check out the Old Florida Fish House overlooking Eastern Lake. Stop by the Seagrove Village Market for delicious food and satisfying shopping. And before you leave, dine at Cafe Thirty-A, a famous cafe along the scenic highway, at least once.

Seagrove is also distinguished by having the most beach access points of any 30A town in Florida, meaning no matter where you stay, you’ll have easy access to the beach and plenty of things to do.

30A Florida Inlet Beach

Going to Inlet Beach is like stepping into a time machine and emerging in old Florida. The natural beauty of the beach itself has been preserved above all else, making it the place to stay if you’re looking for a tropical island escape vibe. It’s close enough to the other, buzzier parts of 30A Florida to be practical while offering a relaxed experience.

Inlet Beach is rapidly expanding as more people discover its charms, and many modern buildings have gone into the area providing a variety of things to do while visiting the area of 30a in Florida.

If one of your favorite things to do in 30a Florida is shopping, visit 30Avenue, home to the specialty boutiques and shops that make the area feel special.

Any trip to Inlet Beach is incomplete without visiting Camp Helen State Park, home of Lake Powell, the largest coastal dune lake in South Walton. Lucky visitors can see when the lake feeds into the gulf, creating a mosaic of brown freshwater and aquamarine seawater.

There’s no lack of restaurants, but the best would be Cuvee30A, with an award-winning wine list, live music, and fresh seafood.

30A Florida Alys Beach

With Mediterranean architecture that makes it look like Santorini in Greece, Alys Beach is one of the most unique areas in Florida 30A. If aesthetics matter to you, you have to stay here. Alys Beach is the place to be for the best Instagram shots in 30A. The area is very exclusive, and you can’t get onto the beach unless you’re a resident or a guest. So if you want access to the glorious beach, you need to stay here.

Just strolling through Alys Beach can give you plenty to see and do, but when it comes to can’t miss attractions, Caliza Pool is a restaurant and pool that is one of the best 30A Florida things to do for couples.

Other things to do in 30a Florida are going to the 21-acre neighborhood nature preserve and the fantastic restaurant George’s-right on the beach. The nature preserve is perfect for long walks and contemplation, while George’s is known for its stellar cuisine.

30A Florida WaterSound

This secluded and peaceful resort is perfect for families and couples alike who just want to get away from it all. WaterSound is a private community, so you can truly get away from the stresses of daily life and throw yourself into the vacation.

WaterSound is nestled between two natural areas, Deer Lake State Park and Camp Creek Lake, and has plenty of hiking and biking trails. If you’re more interested in shopping, check out The Hub, the main shopping area in WaterSound.

The Hub is also home to some of the best restaurants in the area, like Local Smoke, Duo All-American Eats, Super Freeze, and some fantastic galleries.

In terms of water-related things to do in 30a Florida, check out the 7,000 sq ft zero-entry pool at The Clubs by JOE if you’re in the area. Memberships are required, but it’s a sight to see and has its restaurant and bar.


30A Hotels

When you’re looking for somewhere to stay, chances are you’ll be looking for 30A hotels on the Florida beaches. Thankfully you’re spoilt for choice, as the Florida 30A area has plenty of beachside hotels and things to do. Seaside and Rosemary Beach are two of the most desirable areas in 30A Florida, so you can expect to pay a premium for Seaside and Rosemary Beach hotels. 

Here are some of the best hotels in Florida 30A.

Watercolor Inn

If you’re looking for a 30A hotel rental, this deluxe hotel is situated in the heart of Seaside and offers the ultimate 30A Florida experience. It has all the amenities you need to enjoy a luxurious break, including a pool, ocean views from the rooms, and the award-winning seafood restaurant FOOW. It has the price point to match, however, and will typically cost around $400 per guest, per night during peak season.

Website: https://www.watercolorresort.com/

The Pearl

If you’re looking for a Rosemary Beach hotel, look no further than the Pearl. This boutique hotel offers a true luxury experience, situated a stone’s throw from the white sands of the beach itself. Rosemary Beach hotels are highly desirable due to the many wonderful things to do in this 30A area of Florida, and the Pearl will cost you around $800 a night per person during peak months.

Website: https://www.thepearlrb.com/

Hyatt Place Destin

If you’re looking to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches of 30A Florida, and travel to them during the day, the Hyatt Place Destin is a great choice. Despite not being situated on the beach, it has all of the amenities you need for a comfortable and plush stay. It costs less as well, with rooms available for under $300 per night per person during the summer.

Website: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/florida/hyatt-place-sandestin-at-grand-boulevard/ecpzs


Hotel Effie Destin

Hotel Effie is a stylish and modern luxury hotel, with stunning rooms and Gourmet food from the kitchen of celebrity chef Hugh Acheson. The hotel is located a short drive from Seaside, so once you’ve settled into your luxurious new surroundings, the beating heart of Florida 30A is never far away with it many things to do and enjoy.

Website: https://www.hoteleffie.com/

Hilton Destin Beach Golf Resort and Spa

When you stay with Hilton, you know you’re going to get quality. That’s exactly what this hotel offers. While it’s a bit further away from the 30A Florida hotspots that some of the other hotels on this list, it offers a truly luxury experience with a choice of 7 different dining options and an award-winning spa. And, as you’d expect from the name, you can enjoy a round of golf without ever leaving the resort.

Website: https://www.hiltonsandestinbeach.com/

30A Suites

This is a boutique hotel that offers rooms with full kitchens fitted, so you can experience Florida 30A as if you lived there full time. Unlike other full apartment providers such as AirBnb, you are always guaranteed high quality of service at 30A, and plenty of things to do for both families and couples too. For two adults, you should expect to pay at least $300 per night.

Website: https://www.30asuites.com/

The Grand Destin at Baytowne Wharf

A short drive away from all of the best that 30A Florida has to offer, the Grand Destin offers a great location as well as pure luxury. Guests have access to luscious gardens, private balconies, and a massive swimming pool to cool off in. You should expect to pay at least $150 per person per night, and that number rises to $300 if you want a balcony.

Website: https://www.sandestin.com/accommodations/village-the-grand-complex

Watersound Inn

The Watersound Inn is located right at the heart of Florida 30A, between Alys Beach and Seagrove Beach, so if location is the thing you’re looking for you’re in the right place. However, even if you choose never to leave the resort during your stay you’ll still have an incredible time. The hotel offers a 7,000sq/ft swimming pool, restaurant and bar, with the famous white sands of 30A  Florida only a short walk away.

Website: https://www.watersoundinn.com/

30A Restaurants


You won’t be surprised to learn that the 30A Florida has a thriving seafood restaurant scene. However, if you’re not a fish eater, there’s still plenty of other places to eat. A 30A burger or incredible noodle dish is just as accessible as seafood. However, due to high demand, many restaurants in 30A Florida do not take reservations and instead rely on walk-in trade.


Florida 30A Restaurants that do not take reservations

Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar and Restaurant

One of the most popular seafood restaurants in Florida 30A, Shunk Gulley offers a casual dining experience and fantastic food. It’s quickly becoming a 30A institution, so make sure to check it out.

Website: https://www.shunkgulley.com/

George’s In Alys Beach

If fine dining is more your thing, George’s has got you covered. Located in the stunning Alys Beach community, it promises an experience that’s just as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.

Website: https://georgesatalysbeach.com/

Bruno’s Pizza 30A

A 30A institution, Bruno’s is the most famous pizza joint in the area. Offering dine-in and takeaway options at reasonable prices, Bruno’s has got you covered.

Website: https://brunospizza30a.com/


Celebrity chef Tim Creehan’s fine dining restaurant in Rosemary Beach offers award winning seafood dishes. If you’re looking to sample the area’s famous seafood in style, we recommend that you do it here.

Website: https://cuvee30a.com/

Amigos 30A

Inlet Beach’s best Mexican restaurant offers a variety of authentic dishes to satisfy even the hungriest traveller. They also offer a variety of different Margarita cocktails to try  (one of our favorite “to do things” while on 30A Florida). And better yet, this is all available on DoorDash, if you’re not feeling up to going out.

Website: https://amigos30a.com/

La Cocina

La Cocina’s Latin inspired dishes to bring a taste of Central America to the Florida Panhandle. Their large menu offers everything you could possibly want from this part of the world. 

Website: https://laco30a.com/

The Perfect Pig Seagrove

As the name suggests, this Seagrove hangout offers plenty of pork-heavy meals in a relaxed atmosphere. The food has a southern barbeque flavour to it, making it stand out from the many fish restaurants in the 30A Florida area.

Website: https://www.theperfectpig.com/

Angelina’s Pizzeria & Pasta Restaurant 30A

This restaurant is little slice of Italy, located right in the heart of Seagrove Beach. If you’re looking for great Italian food in a sit-down dining atmosphere you have to visit Angelina’s.

Website: https://angelinas30a.com/

Borago Grayton Beach

Another “thing to do” option on 30A for Italian cuisine is Borago, which offers unpretentious Italian food the way an Italian mother would. The best Italian food is fresh, comforting, and full of flavor, and all of those are available in abundance here.

Website: https://www.boragorestaurant.com/

Steamboat Grill

This restaurant is a great all-rounder, offering a little of something for everyone. Whether pasta or Korean BBQ beef is more your thing, Steamboat Grill have something for you.

Website: https://steamboatgrill30a.com/

steamboat grill 30A

Big Bad Breakfast 30A

Run by award winning chef John Currence, this restaurant gives the most important meal of the day a sit-down dining twist. Disclaimer: the portions are huge, so cancel your lunch plans before heading down here.

Website: https://bigbadbreakfast.com/

Old Fish House 30A

Local seafood with stunning views in the heart of 30A Florida. What more could you want? This family owned restaurant looks over the Eastern Lake, and is an absolute must visit for fish fans.

Website: http://www.oldfloridafishhouse.com/

Cowgirl Kitchen

Cowgirl Kitchen is a Florida 30A institution, and offers great, unpretentious food at its three locations throughout the area. Expect classic dishes such as pizza and hot sandwiches done really damn well.

Website: https://cowgirlkitchen.com/

The Bay Restaurant 30A

Famous for its Sushi and fish dishes, The Bay is a chic, modern restaurant that caters to a younger clientele. They offer 12 craft beers on tap, and hosts live music in the evenings. Perfect if you’re looking for a bit of buzz while you eat.

Website: https://baysouthwalton.com/index.html

Goatfeathers Inlet Beach

The famous Goatfeathers seafood market also doubles up as a cafe. And it’s just as well it does, the food is exquisite. Expect beautifully cooked, fresh Gulf seafood.

Website: https://www.goatfeathers30avenue.com/cafe-menu

Caliza Restaurant

This exclusive restaurant is only open to residents and vacation rental guests in the Alys Beach community. However, if you can get in it offers up a variety of casual cuisine in a relaxed poolside setting.

Website: https://alysbeach.com/caliza-restaurant/

FOOW (previously known as Fish Out Of Water)

Located in the Watercolor Inn, FOOW offers some of the best seafood the region has to offer. It’s one of Florida 30A’s most famous restaurants and definitely one of the things you need to do while visiting the area. Don’t miss out.

Website: https://www.foow30a.com/

Shades Bar and Grill

Want to watch the game while you’re on vacation? Shades Bar and Grill is a great spot, offering craft beer, spicy wings, and live NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and UFC coverage live on their huge projector screen.

Website: https://shades30a.com/

Stinky’s Fish Camp

Specialising in seafood and wine, Stinky’s is a local favourite for those who love the flavours of the ocean. With a craft beer and live music bar just next door, it’s possible to accidentally spend the whole evening at Stinky’s.

Website: https://www.stinkysfishcamp.com/


Florida 30A Restaurants that do take reservations

Roux 30A

Get ready for a true taste of luxury. Roux offers 6 and 12 course tasting menus for adventurous diners who want to excite their tastebuds and test their palate. Be sure to book well in advance, it can be notoriously hard to get a table.

Phone number: 8502130899

Website: https://www.roux30a.com/

Roux 30A

Restaurant Paradis Rosemary Beach

In an area with a myriad of fine dining seafood restaurants, Restaurant Paradis stands out as one of the very best. All of the food on offer is caught fresh in the Gulf before reaching your plate.

Phone number: (850) 534 0400

Website: http://restaurantparadis.com/

Bud & Alley’s Restaurant & Bar, Seaside

Loved by locals and tourist alike, Bud & Alley’s own a series of restaurants all across 30A Florida, but we’d recommend checking out their restaurant in Seaside.

Phone number: (850) 231 5900

Website: https://www.budandalleys.com/

Pescado, Rosemary Beach

Situated on a rooftop in Rosemary Beach, this restaurant offers a great dining experience as well as incredible food. The prices are steep, so you can expect a truly premium evening out.

Phone number: (850) 213-4600

Website: https://rooftop30a.com/

The Citizen, Alys Beach 

This stylish, nautical themed restaurant is one of the best spots in the stunning Alys Beach. If you’re booking for a party of 8 or more they accept reservations, though they offer walk-ins for smaller parties.

Phone number: (850) 909 0702

Website: https://citizenalys.com/

Grayton Seafood Co., Grayton Beach

With a small menu of tasty seafood classics, Grayton Seafood Co. is a great choice for fish lovers. All food is made fresh to order, and customers are invited to request changes to their food as they see fit!

Phone number: – (850) 714 2155

Website: https://graytonseafood.com/


Surfing Deer, Seagrove Beach 

Offering high-end bar food, Surfing Deer is the spot to hit up if you’re looking for great quality food that isn’t pretentious. The menu is varied, but contains plenty of the seafood you’d expect from a great 30A Florida restaurant.

Phone number: (850) 213 4200

Website: https://surfingdeer.com/seagrove/

30A Vacation Rental Property Management Companies

If you are the proud owner of a house in Florida 30A, Destin, or Miramar, then Beach Luxury Vacations is one of the highest-rated companies for managing rental properties hassle-free, with high ROI and competitive low rates. We manage vacation rentals in Santa Rosa, Miramar Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Gulf Place, Rosemary Beach, Destin, Grayton Beach, Dune Allen Beach, Seacrest Beach, Seagrove Beach, Seaside, and Watercolor beach.

Beach Luxury Vacations provides 30A Rental properties, and is a top 30A property Management company in Florida

Things to do on 30A Florida: Stores

Forgotten some essentials? There are general stores across Florida 30A that have all of the beach products you’ll need for a vacation in 30A. Forgotten your towel, cap, or sunglasses? No problem. These stores have everything you need to stock up for the vacation ahead.

The 30A Store – Santa Rosa Beach

Address: 45 Town Center Loop, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459

The 30A Store – Seagrove Plaza

Address: 3723 East County Road 30A, Seagrove Plaza, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459

The 30A Store – Rosemary 

Address: 104 N Barrett Square, Rosemary Beach, Florida 32461

The 30A Store – Airstream

545 Grand Boulevard, Miramar Beach, Florida 32550

30A Florida Airport Shuttles

If you’re flying into 30A Florida, you should land at Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, as it’s located only a short drive away from the beaches. Several companies offer shuttle services to and from the airport, there is some more information about each below.

30A Airport Shuttle 

An affordable service with experienced, professional drivers, 30A Airport Shuttle aims to serve its customers with the experience they’d get in a high-end restaurant.

Website: https://30aairportshuttle.com/

Phone number: 850 624 1009

Bluewater Airport Shuttle 

This one-man business is a great choice if you want to ride in luxury and experience a personal touch. Owner and driver Brett Overton has a 12-passenger truck with onboard Wi-Fi, and a choice of music available.

Website: https://www.bluewaterairportshuttle.com/

Phone number: 850 258 1221

Beachside Express

With a fleet of cars driven by professional, punctual and knowledgeable local drivers, Beachside Express will get you where you need to go.

Website: https://www.beachsideexpress.com/

Phone number: 850 685 3586 

Florida 30A Taxi 

Taxi is one of the quickest ways to and from the airport and will cost you between $50 and $70, depending on how far from the airport you are staying, as well as how busy the roads are on the day you travel. You can hail a Florida 30A taxi or an Uber from the airport when you arrive, but here are some taxi firms in the area if you’d like to pre-book.

taxi to get around to your things to do in 30a florida


Paradise Taxi 30A 

With 15 years of experience and services running at all hours of the day, Paradise Taxi is a solid choice to get to and from the airport or to get around 30A Florida during your stay.

Website: https://www.paradisetaxisantarosabeach.com/

Phone number: 850 200 2258

Santa Rosa Beach Taxis 

With many years of experience, Santa Rosa Beach Taxis will get you from A to B at any time you need during your vacation.

Website: ​​https://www.santarosabeachtaxicompany.com/

Phone number: 850 622 5457

The Transporter

An independent taxi firm with stellar reviews on all online platforms, the Transporter offers a truly premium service.

Phone number: 850 502 0258

Florida 30A Map – How to get around

If you’re looking to stay in 30A Florida for the first time, you’ll need a map to help you get around to the things you want to do as a family or couple. This map shows all of the major places you may want to visit during your vacation. Download this map and keep it for reference during your 30A beach vacations in Florida.

The map to things to do while on 30a florida


30A Florida Scooter Rentals

There are many ways to get around 30A Florida, but scooters are perfect if you want to feel the wind in your hair. Hiring one will cost you around $100 per day. Here are some of the best scooter hire companies in the area.

30A Scooter Rentals 

30A Scooter Rentals 

30A Scooter Rentals offers a variety of scooters that can be delivered straight to the door of your hotel or rental home. They also offer rentals on other vehicles such as golf carts, bicycles and motorbikes.

Phone number: 850-866-8414

30-A Scooter Rentals

Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals

rent golf carts in Emerald Coast florida

As the name suggests, this company specializes in golf cart rentals. However, they also deliver scooters directly to the doorstep of your rental home all across the Florida 30A area.

Phone number: 850 737 1046

California Cycles 

bike rentals 30A

California Cycles offers a wide range of scooters, bicycles, golf carts, and more. They even hire out the exclusive Polaris Slingshot.

Phone number: 850 866 8414


30A Florida Jeep Rentals

Another way to get around to the things you want to do on 30A is by renting a Jeep, which will cost you around $200 a day or more. There are a number of premier Jeep rental services available in 30A Florida, some of the best are named below.

jeep rentals on 30a florida

30A Jeep

30A Jeep rents luxury jeeps and other 4×4 vehicles from their prime location in Santa Rosa Beach. Delivery to your rental home or hotel comes as standard.

Phone number: 850 687 4345


Panama City Beach Jeep Rentals 

As well as jeep rentals, this rental company offers jeep tours of the Florida 30A area. So if you’re looking for a 4×4 experience without having to take the wheel yourself, this is a great choice.

Phone number: 850 687 4345


Destin Jeep Rentals

If you’re looking for a true off road experience, Destin Jeep Rentals is the place to go. They specialize in 4x4s that are meantn to be taken off road.

Phone number: 850 325 0873


Bike Rental 30A Florida

Cycling is a common pastime in 30A, and you’ll frequently see people on bikes throughout your stay. Hiring a bike in 30A Florida typically costs between $25 and $50 per day. We’ve scoured 30A bike rental reviews to find you the best rental companies possible. Here is a selection of places you can rent 30A bikes throughout your Florida stay. 

Seagrove 30A Florida Bike Rentals

Live Well 30A offers bike rentals in Seagrove for as little as $60 a week per bike. All bikes are delivered directly to your rental home, and come with a lock included as standard.

Beach rentals on 30A florida

Grayton Beach Florida 30A Bike Rentals

Delivering bikes to Grayton Beach and all across the area, 30A Bike Rentals offers some great deals. The prices at 30A Bike Rentals are quite steep if you’re taking out a bike for just one day, but become incredibly affordable if you decide to hire for a week or longer. While a one-day rental costs $25, you can get a bike for a whole week for just $60.


Rosemary Beach Bike Rentals

Located at the heart of Rosemary Beach, Bamboo Bike Rental is the place to go if you’re staying in the area. Prices start at $40 for a day, but become more reasonable the longer you hire a bike. We’d recommend hiring a bike from here for at least five days if you’re going to get your money’s worth.


Watercolor Bike Rentals

Rent Gear Here is a bike shop based in Watercolor 30A. You can either head into their shop in the Watercolor Beach community, or order your bike online and have it delivered to your rental home.


30A Bike Trailer Rental

Peddlers 30A  is the largest bike rental supplier in 30A Florida, delivering bikes all over the area. You can order online, or head into their HQ which is based in the Rosemary Beach community.


Golf Cart Rental 30A Florida

If you’re looking to hit the links, 30A Florida is a great place to do it. There are many golf courses throughout the area, and many places to take out 30A golf cart rentals. Some people ask, are golf carts allowed on 30A? The answer is yes, as long as you operate the cart on a golf course, or rent a golf cart that is road legal. For a standard four-person cart, you can expect to pay around $90 per day. Here is some more information about where you can hire a golf cart in 30A.

golf cart rentals on 30a Florida

30A Santa Rosa Beach Golf Cart Rental

South Walton Golf Cart Rentals is the place to go for golf cart rental in Santa Rosa Beach. They offer a variety of different carts in different sizes, including road legal carts.

Phone number: 850 797 0284


Golf Cart Rental Blue Mountain Beach 30A

The Rental Shop 30A delivers golf carts directly to your rental property in Blue Mountain Beach. They also offer paddleboard, kayak, and boat rental.

Phone number: 850-260-0001


30A Grayton Beach Golf Cart Rental

Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals is a 30A Florida institution and delivers street legal carts to any location in 30A, including Grayton beach.


Golf Cart Rental in Santa Rosa Beach 30A

Located at the heart of Santa Rosa Beach, the Electric Cart Company provides road legal golf carts for your Florida 30A vacation.

Phone number: 850 622 2000


Watercolor 30A Golf Cart Rental

360 Blue is a stylish, premium golf cart rental service that provides rentals all across 30A Florida, including Watercolor. All of their carts are street legal, and carts can be delivered to your rental home.

Phone number: 844 374 2203


Seagrove 30A Golf Cart Rental

Beach Better Golf Cart Rentals is a family-owned business that rents out street legal carts in Seagrove for use throughout your vacation.


30A Cart Rentals

Vacayzen offers a variety of street legal golf carts that you can use throughout your 30A vacation. Prices start from around $650 for a week and can fluctuate depending on how long your rental is, and which cart you choose.


Florida 30A Boat Rentals

Renting a boat is one of the most luxurious ways to experience 30A Florida. Prices vary hugely depending on what kind of boat you’re looking to hire, so get in touch with one of the companies below for more information.

florida 30a boat hire

Boss Boat Rentals Santa Rosa Beach

Boss Boat is a family run business that provides boat hire from their stunning location in Santa Rosa Beach. Unlike many boat rental companies, they include the cost of gas in the price and provide an onboard cooler filled with water.


30A Florida boat rental

Beach Luxury vacations a variety of different maritime experiences for 30 Florida travelers and locals alike. We offer the opportunity to ride a catamaran or an airboat, and wakeboard with the guidance of a professional.

boats to rent on 30a Florida

Santa Rosa 30A Beach Boat Rentals

Price comparison site TripShock is a great place to look to find great deals on beach boat rentals in Florida 30A.


30A Yacht Rental

If you’re looking for something with a bit more luxury, head over to Destin 30A Yacht Charters. Whether you own a yacht already and are looking to dock it in 30A Florida, or you’d like to rent one, Destin 30A Yacht Charters have got you covered. All prices are available on request.


30A Beach Chair Rentals

The main reason most people go to 30A Florida is to enjoy the fantastic beaches on offer. If you want to make use of a beach chair while you’re there, you’ll either have to bring your own or rent one. If you’re renting, you can usually expect to pay around $15 per day. 30A chair rentals are easy to purchase and can be pre-booked ahead of time. Here are some of the top rental companies.

Seacrest Beach Chair Rentals

Seacrest Beach boasts some of the highest sand dunes in the area, giving the beach itself a more relaxed and private vibe. Contact La Dolce Vita to book a beach chair on Seacrest Beach.


Santa Rosa Beach Chair Rentals

With soft white sands and gorgeous turquoise waters, Santa Rosa Beach is one of Florida 30A’s most popular for a reason. Burke’s Beach Services are the best beach rental company to contact if you’re looking to relax in the area.


Grayton Beach Chair Rentals

Grayton Beach is a small, quiet, and secluded beach that has been attracting creative minds for decades. To make the most of it, get in touch with the South Walton Beach Chair Guys who do special beach bonfire packages as well as standard beach chair rental.


Seagrove Beach Chair Rental

One of the quieter beaches in 30A Florida, Seagrove Beach is the perfect place to kick back and relax. Hit up the guys at Live Well 30A, who can sort you out with everything you need to have an enjoyable day at the beach.


Beach chair rental 30A

Cabana Man offers beach rentals across the entirety of Florida 30A. So no matter which beach tickles your fancy, they’ve got you covered.


30A Paddle Board Rentals

Paddleboarding is a common pastime in 30A Florida and is a relaxing way to make the most of the area’s beautiful oceans. It costs around $60 per day to rent a paddleboard, and many places will offer a discount on the day rate if you hire for more than one day. If you’re looking for Paddle Board rental 30A, look below for a selection of companies to contact.

The Rental Shop 30A 

Located right in the middle of Santa Rosa Beach, The Rental Shop 30A offers a variety of deals on paddleboards. They deliver any rentals directly to your holiday home, so you don’t even have to lift a finger.


30A Paddle Board Rentals 

As well as paddleboard rentals, this company offers free lessons to all new riders completely free of charge. This is a great choice for paddleboard novices who are looking for a few pointers before they take to the seas.


Adventure 30A 

If you’re looking for variety, this is the place to come. As well as paddleboards Adventure 30A offers a number of different items to rent to make your trip as varied and fun as possible.


30A Pontoon Rentals

Hiring a pontoon for family and friends during your stay in 30A Florida is a luxury activity, allowing you to relax and enjoy refreshments while out at sea. Renting a pontoon will usually cost at least $300 per day, but could cost more depending on its size and any optional extras. We’ve scoured every Florida 30A pontoon rental review to provide a list of the best companies hiring out pontoons in the area. You can find the best 30A pontoon rental companies below.

pontoon rentals on 30a florida

Santa Rosa Beach Pontoon Rental

This business offers fast rentals on luxury pontoons from their headquarters in Santa Rosa Beach. If luxury is your main aim, you have to come here to rent your pontoons. This company is the premier pontoon rental place in 30A Florida. If you order your pontoons from most other suppliers they tend to go through this company, which will cost you more as the middle-man will take a cut. So cut out the middle man and go to this company directly.



This price comparison platform helps you pick the best possible supplier based on price. If you’re looking for a deal, this website is a must-visit.


30A Kayak Rental

If you’re looking to kayak while you’re in Florida 30A, you should expect to pay around $70 a day, though most rental shops will give you a better deal if you take on a longer rental. Here are some of the best kayak rental shops to be found in 30A.

The Rental Shop 30A 

One of  Florida 30A’s leading rental shops for all kinds of items, they also provide great deals on kayaks. They are the only company in the area to offer 3-seater kayaks, perfect for a day out with friends and family.


Yellowfin Ocean Sports 

This locally owned business offers kayak rentals and sales from three different locations across 30A, Seagrove, Watercolor, and Grayton Beach.


Coldwater Excursions 

With solo and tandem kayaks available, Coldwater Excursions offer rentals from their location on Panama City Beach.


30A Jet Ski Rental

When renting a jet ski in 30A Florida, you need to be aware of local laws. They are prohibited in the Santa Rosa Beach area due to a county ordinance that forbids their use. So, when operating a jet ski in the area you need to take care not to stray into this area. For this reason, you cannot rent jet skis in Santa Rosa Beach.

However, you can rent jet skis and operate them legally in other parts of 30A. You should expect to pay around $400 or more for a full day’s rental, though many shops offer a shorter rental period for less money. Here are the best jet ski rental shops in Florida 30A.

Destin Water Fun 

Destin Water Fun offers high-quality and cheap rentals from their headquarters in Destin. Members of the military, law enforcement, and teachers also get a 10% discount on all rentals.


Destin Boat Rentals

Destin boat rentals is the only shop in the area that offers jet skis that can seat up to 3 people. They also rent out boats and other seafaring vessels.


Blue Crab Water Sports

This locally owned company doesn’t take orders online, preferring to give the personal touch to all rentals. They ask clients to visit their shop in Destin to make an enquiry about hiring a jet ski.


30A Fishing Charters

If you want to fish during your time in 30A Florida, you’ll need to plan it through a licensed company. Many of these companies offer 30A fishing rental as well as fishing charters. A fishing trip will usually cost between $300 and $600 for a party of four, and typically includes a guide and all the equipment you’ll need to make the trip a success. Here are some companies you may consider.

Florida Boy Adventures

Florida Boy Adventures offers fishing fun for the whole family, with plenty of family packages so you can make memories on a great day out.


Panama City Fishing

Head out to the open seas with professional angler Captain Bucky Weaver, and learn more about fishing as he shows you some of the best spots in Florida 30A to make a great catch.



If you’re looking for the best deal possible, price comparison site TripShock has got you covered. Compare prices with ease and pick one that suits you.


30A Cafes

If you’re dining during the day, you may wish to keep an eye out for one of the many cafes in 30A, Florida. Here are some of our choices if you’re looking for a coffee, a pastry, or another light eat throughout the day.

Black Bear Bread Co

If you’re looking for the best freshly baked bread in 30A, look no further than this hangout in Santa Rosa Beach. They also offer sit-in meals, coffee, and cake from their prime location.


Amavida Specialty Coffee 

Coffee connoisseurs need to check out the great cups of joe available at Amavida. With locations at Seaside, Rosemary Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach, a great cup of coffee is never too far away.


Sunrise Coffee Co

With a superb location right at the heart of Santa Rosa, Sunrise Coffee Co offers great food and hot drinks in a funky setting. Their gourmet donuts are to die for, and need to be tasted to be believed.



Cafe Thirty-A

This Seagrove hangout is the place to go if you want classic American comfort dishes done well, in a classy setting. Their famous creamy grits are a must-try.


30A Songwriter Radio Music & Coffee Shop

This Santa Rosa Beach spot takes its coffee as seriously as it takes its music. Very seriously. You can enjoy something from a huge artisan coffee menu while watching some live bands at the same time.

30A Wedding Venues

Many couples choose to get married in 30A Florida, and it’s easy to see why. The blue ocean and white sands are a stunning backdrop to any couple’s wedding photos. Needless to say, wedding venues in 30A Florida come at a premium, so expect to pay high prices if you choose to have a wedding here. The Seaside Chapel, for example, charges $7,000 for the service alone. Here are some of the best wedding venues available in 30A.

The Pointe 

Based in a high-end restaurant in Inlet Beach, The Pointe is a fantastic all-in-one option. Couples can get married, host a reception, and have their guests stay the night all within the same resort complex. The convenience doesn’t mean you skimp on luxury, however, and the hotel is only 5 minutes from the beach for those all-important wedding photos.


Seaside Chapel

Looking like something straight out of a fairytale, or from the ending of a romantic movie, wedding venues don’t get much more picturesque than this. It is also the only venue in  Florida 30A where you can have a traditional church wedding, so if this is important to you this is the place to go. It’s not cheap, however, and you can expect to pay $7,000 dollars to hire this venue.


Rosemary Beach Weddings

Rosemary Beach is a popular spot for weddings and its easy to see why. With its golden beaches and stunning turquoise waters, you may as well be getting married in paradise. This is the ultimate choice if you really want to make the most of Florida 30A’s stunning beaches during your wedding day itself.


Florida 30A Shopping

If you enjoy shopping while you’re on vacation, 30A in Florida has plenty to offer. The area has an abundance of boutiques and stores selling a variety of high-end products. Below are some of the area’s hottest stores, along with their zip code so you can find them easily.

30A Olive Oil Company 

This artisan olive oil shop helps you bring a little taste of Italy to your kitchen back home. As well as classic olive oil, they also offer oils that are infused with great umami flavours such as truffle, garlic, or jalapeno.

Zip code: FL 32461


Adaro Art  

Looking for some new art for your home? Adaro Art is a fantastic selling gallery that offers the best in contemporary art.

Zip code: FL 32461


Bohlert Massey Interiors 

This chic boutique in Rosemary Beach sells everything you need to carry out your latest luxury home improvement project. Whether you’re looking to buy new homeware, or want their expert designers to re-do your home, Bohlert Massey has got you covered.

Zip code: FL 32461


NEAT Bottle Shop 

If you’re an alcohol connoisseur, you need to drop into NEAT in Alys Beach. Their expert staff seriously know their stuff about artisan spirits and can help you pick out your next special bottle.

Zipcode: FL 32413


30A Outlet

This luxury mall bills itself as a shop-o-holic’s paradise, and on that front it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It has a variety of luxury stores that have lower prices than you’d find on the streets of Miami or New York.

Zipcode: FL 32550



30A Events

There’s always plenty going on in Florida on 30A. There is live music in 30A most nights at a variety of different venues. Check the events guide before you go to see what’s on while you’re there.

Here are a few venues that regularly put on events in 30A Florida.

The Hub

The Hub is the beating heart of Watersound Beach, and regularly puts on events throughout the week. Expect yoga classes, arts and crafts for little ones, as well as regular live music. They also regularly show live sport.


Gulley Amphitheater

The Gulley Amphitheater is one of the biggest music venues in Florida’s 30A, and offers concerts in a stunning outdoor setting. As the name would suggest the seating is arranged in a half-circle to mimic Rome’s famous amphitheater.


Seaside Amphitheater

With frequent yoga sessions and farmers’ markets, the Seaside Amphitheater is a perfect hangout for relaxed days in the sun.


Red Bar

The famous Red Bar is a 30A institution, and one of the best dive bars in the area. They have a DJ on every night and live music frequently too.


Growler Garage

This biker themed craft beer bar frequently hosts live music in a relaxed and unpretentious setting.


30A Delivery

Despite the great restaurant options in 30A Florida, you may decide to stay in one night. Whether you’re looking for a 30A Pizza, a burger, or some of the area’s famous seafood, you have a number of delivery options in 30A.

DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates all deliver hot food within the 30A area. You can get the apps for all three of these on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

30A Airboat Adventures

Powered by a huge propeller on the back, airboats allow you to explore the backwaters of Florida’s 30A safely. This allows you to see the amazing wildlife of the region, including alligators, bald eagles, and more. This is a great choice if you’re a thrill-seeker.

Seaside and boat Adventures

The only proprietor to offer this service in 30A Florida is the fantastic Seaside and Boat Adventures. Their experienced captains will give you an unforgettable experience.


30A Wine Festival

Florida’s 30A wine festival takes place in February every year in Alys Beach. There are a number of individually ticketed events that take place throughout the festival, including a Wine Dinner, an Oyster and Champagne reception, and a wine tasting event. Tickets go on sale in November every year, so make sure you move quickly if you want to go.



30A Vacations with Beach Luxury Vacations

Beach Luxury Vacations offers a variety of properties throughout the 30A area. All of our properties are private; you will have access to a full home throughout your stay and won’t have to stay in a hotel with other guests. We also offer rental management services to homeowners in the area. Whether you’re looking to rent out your property full time, or simply rent out your beach house when you’re not there, we’ve got you covered.

If you require help with any rental services related to 30A, call our team today, or read our 30A blog for more information on the area, before contacting the professional team at Beach Luxury Vacations!