All You Need to Know About Golf Cart Rentals in 30A Florida. You are visiting 30A to enjoy the finer things of ocean life, avoid traffic, the endless hunt for a parking space, and noise. To save yourself valuable time, the team at Beach Luxury Vacations compiled the ultimate guide to the many golf cart rentals on 30A!

Approximately two dozen companies rent out golf carts on 30A, giving vacationers a relaxing and fun way to travel the beach cities and coastal areas of this 28.5-mile scenic stretch of US Highway 98. Make the most of your 30A holiday by eliminating the stress of fighting traffic, finding parking spaces, or being caged inside the car.

However, if you do not have the time to read into the all golf cart rentals we picked up for you in 30A, a quick way to get an overview of the 5 best of them is by watching our video below:

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Golf Cart Rentals in Santa Rosa Beach 30A, FL

As one of the oldest beach towns along 30A, Santa Rosa Beach is a tourist’s prime destination. The scenery of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters bring over four million visitors each year, making cart rentals an essential service.

Destin Elite Cart Rentals

(850) 424-6141

This company rents some of the best golf cart rentals 30A has to offer. Unfortunately, they specialize in six-passenger carts only. But they have named each one, and you can check all of them out on the company website. You can reserve these golf cart rentals for the Fort Walton Beach area if you prefer that destination for your upcoming holiday.

Electric Cart Company

(850) 622-2000

When making a reservation to rent a 30A golf cart from this firm, they will direct you to, a subsidiary website. They accept reservations a full year out. You can cancel up to eight (8) days before your reservation date, minus an administrative fee of $100. Late cancellations (within one week) will forfeit the entire rental fee.

Golf Cart Rentals in Seaside 30A, FL

Seaside offers travelers 300 “cracker shack” homes along its pristine beach, a town of simple cottages and sensual pleasures. There are no big hotel chains or gimmicky tourist attractions, but rather a more relaxing way of living.

Quik Ryde

(844) 979 RYDE (7933)

They were established in 2019 to meet the growing demand for all things golf carts along 30A. They will deliver and pick up four and six seaters anywhere within a 20-mile radius of Santa Rosa Beach.

La Dolce Vita

(866) 651 – 1869

This company rents four passenger, six passenger, and eight passenger golf carts. Their rates range from $320 for two days (four passengers) to $1050 per week (eight passengers).

30A Cart Rentals

(850) 737-1793

Here is one golf cart company on 30A that offers four sets of seasonal rates. We suggest checking the website to see where your dates fall. Weekly rates range from $385 (winter) to $675 (summer). If you are visiting during the 4th of July week, expect another $100 to be tacked on.


South Walton Golf Cart Rentals

SoWal, as locals call the county that houses 30A Florida, comprises 16 beach communities. Each unique district affords vacationers a variety of options to soak up the sun.

South Walton Carts

(850) 797-0284

Begun in 2011, the company started as strictly a renter of golf carts on 30A but has expanded into cart sales, service, and customization. They rent both gas and electric carts for four, six, or eight passengers. They also provide upgraded luxury carts that have leather seats and stereo systems. Peak season rates occur during spring break, summer, fall break, the week of Thanksgiving, and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. This company promises to match or beat all competitors during the offseason or midseason.

SoWal Beach Buggys Inc.

(850) 267-2278 – local(855) 867-7692 – toll-free

Beach Buggys delivers and picks up LSVs at your vacation address. They have a fleet of 30A golf carts and promise competitive pricing.

Golf Cart Rentals on 30A Destin Beach, FL

This coastal resort community provides all sorts of options for solo, duo, or family travelers. Don’t forget to pack your clubs. This area is not only known for golf carts but golf itself. With four championship golf courses, 15 tennis courts, beachfront properties, and other attractive amenities, you will not want to leave.

30A Gulf Carts

(850) 502-9325They are another company that specializes in 6-passenger gas carts with oversized tires. They charge $800 per week in Peak season and $500 per week in the offseason. You can also book for $150 per day, with a 2-day minimum.

Reef Beach Service & Rentals

(850) 296-9077

This 30A golf cart rentals company encourages you to contact the store for availability as booking online does not guarantee your reservation. They primarily rent gas carts and are one of the few companies that provide one-day rentals. Daily prices for 30A golf cart rentals are $125 for four passengers, $150 for six passengers, and $250 for 8 passengers. Any rental that is longer than one day costs $25 per day less ($100, $125, $225).

Golf Cart Rentals in 30A Destin, Florida

This welcoming community boasts a series of parks, trails, and sports complexes in addition to its beach amenities. While many vacation rentals include golf carts, if you are staying elsewhere and need to secure your private rental, you do have some choices.

Destin Golf Cart Rentals

(850) 499-5252

As the name implies, this company specializes in renting to those in the Destin area, although you can be staying elsewhere and still enjoy their street-legal carts. Spring and fall rates are the same ($490 to $590 per week). Winter is the least expensive ($290 to $390 per week). Summer is the most expensive ($775 to $875 per week).

Destin Florida Golf Cart Rentals

(850) 240-9005

This 30A golf cart rental company has a simple website with little information, other than it rents four and six passenger carts built between 2018 and 2020. However, it does say that cancellations for anything other than natural disasters will forfeit the $100 deposit.

30A Rosemary Beach Golf Cart Rentals

This charming town boasts white sand, upscale dining, and neo-classical architecture. Use your 30A golf cart rental to move between your vacation home to the golf course or for dinner out.

Pristine Golf Cart Rentals 30A

(850) 259-9959

Another golf cart rental company on 30A does not list its prices. It’s a delivery-only service, so the responsive owner will come to your bungalow or vacation house to fill out the required paperwork and explain all the ins and outs.

Boss Golf Cart Rentals 30A

(850) 259-7909

The website for this golf cart rental company on 30A  Florida is only one page with limited information. It lists hours of operation but no prices to compare with other outfits. You can call or fill in an online form and include a valid email address to get a quote.This firm may be affiliated with The Rental Shop 30A because the photo on the one-page site is of the same owner.

30A Miramar Beach Golf Cart Rentals, Florida

One of South Walton’s most diverse and fun-filled beach communities is Miramar Beach. You can find people strolling through antique stores or playing a pick-up game of beach volleyball. There is no shortage of dining choices with Miramar Beach, as you are sure to find something for everyone.

Liberty Cart Company

(850) 502-5277

Here’s another fun 30A company that names their rental carts. Choose from Frozen, Midnight Express, Breakfast at Tiffany’s #1 or #2, or Blue Marlin #1 or #2.Owners began this business during the pandemic of 2020. To do so, they gave up corporate jobs to create the best golf cart rentals 30A beaches have available. In addition to renting, they are the Emerald Coast’s exclusive distributor of Royal Cart.

EmCo GC Rentals

(850) 865-8773

This 30A Florida golf cart rental company will tell you how sturdy and powerful its carts are. You can even find a cart’s turning radius and braking distance. Peak rates start at $175 a day to $800 a week for six seats. The Off-peak rate (Nov 1 – Mar 15) is $490 per week.

Golf Cart Rentals 30A Dune Allen, FL

Dune Allen is an Edenic community of natural preserves and lakes in 30A Florida. Five coastal dune lakes are just steps inside the Gulf, and visitors can access several trailheads here to enjoy one of the best residential communities along the coast.

dune allen beach 30A gold cart rentals


Gulf Coast Cart Rentals

(850) 826-0954

The 6-seaters from this company are brightly painted and have matching striped seats that give them a chic vibe. Rates range from $125/day and $400/week in the winter to $750/week during the summer.

Southwinds Beach Carts

(850) 231-2974

This 30A company doesn’t have a working website displaying their golf carts and packages, but they have a Facebook page to give you some details and photos. The best bet is to call.

Golf Cart Rentals Panama City Beach, 30 A Florida

This beach community features 27 miles of Gulf coastline and is home to two Florida state parks – St. Andrews and Camp Helen. The warm Gulf water is a delight to fishermen and scuba divers, searching out the coral reefs beneath the surface.

rent golf carts in Emerald Coast florida

Bike the Beach 30A

(850) 557-7787

For a smaller option, Bike the Beach is a company that offers rentals for two-passenger golf carts. Okay, these are LSV scooters, but you get the idea. You’ll also find four and six-seat 30A golf carts to rent here. Two passenger carts cost $150 for the first day, $100 each day after that, with the 7th day FREE. Likewise, four passenger carts cost $175 on the first day, $125 each day following, and the 7th day is free. And six passenger carts run $200 for the first day, $150 each day after that, with the 7th day free.

30A Seacrest Beach Golf Cart Rentals, Florida

This laid-back community hides between Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach. A family-friendly community is the ideal vacation spot for those with little ones in tow. Seasonal festivals and events give visitors and residents a chance to enjoy life at Seacrest Beach.

golf cart rentals on 30 beach

Hangout By the Sea

(850) 249-2330

Here’s a company that took time to develop a few of the best golf cart rentals 30A offers with various themes, such as favorite football teams, holiday carts, as well as those with updated rims and speakers. Call for pricing.

Gopherface Rentals

(850) 899-0729

A smaller company that also rents a Jeep Wrangler and a seven-passenger Bayliner boat, Gopherface might be the little engine that could. They have about half a dozen four-passenger carts to explore 30A beaches and communities. Prices are $130 for one day, $600 for five days, and $750 for seven days.

30A Grayton Beach Golf Cart Rentals, Florida

This beach village is adjacent to Grayton Beach State Park, a protected preserve of scrub oaks and magnolias that the salty ocean breezes have curved into distinctive shapes. Famous for its quirky atmosphere, Grayton Beach has many activities for single travelers, couples, and families to enjoy.

golf cart rentals on 30A, Miramar beach & Destin Florida

Salty Cart

(912) 224-2328

They promise meticulous maintenance on their four and six-seat electric carts. Another company with a sparse website, owners ask that you call or text for best pricing and reservations.As the first founded community in the South Walton region, visitors come here to enjoy Grayton Beach State Park and all it offers.

Beach Better

(850) 830-4699

Another locally owned, family-run company that opened during the pandemic to rent 30A golf carts offers both electric and gas-powered golf carts for the area. So no matter what your budget is, there is a cart for your needs. Their electric four seaters cost $165 for three days, while the six seaters cost $213 for the same amount of time. The gas-powered four seaters are $175.50 for a three-day rental, while their six seaters fetch $237 for the same rental period.

Golf Cart Rentals on Seagrove Beach 30A, Florida

After a day at the beach or shopping in this area’s boutiques, why not use your Seagrove golf cart rental to stop by Café Thirty-A, one of the first to call 30A home.

rent golf carts in Emerald Coast florida

Ecco Motors

(850) 837-2600

Ecco Motors is a one-stop shop for all things golf carts. They rent, sell, and service golf carts that help locals and vacationers experience all that 30A Florida has to offer. They specialize in quality electric carts from Icon EV and Advanced EV. Prices range from $147 for one day in a four-seater to $909 for a week in an 8-seater.

Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals

(850) 737-1046

In addition to standard four, six, and eight-seat 30A golf carts, this company promotes an upscale model 6-seater for about $50 more per week to rent. The premium selection includes premium wheels and a Wet Sounds audio system for a luxurious ride. They offer golf cart rentals for Fort Walton Beach, where other companies may not provide service.

Golf Cart Rentals in 30A Blue Mountain Beach, Florida

Blue lupin flowers that gently swing back and forth in the coastal winds gave this community its name.

dune allen beach 30A gold cart rentals

Sunset Cruisers LLC

(850) 745-4128

This company provides four-passenger electric carts for $200 per night. They specialize in contactless delivery. They will drop off a 30A golf cart to your destination before you arrive and pick it up after you leave.

Electric Beach GC Rentals

(850) 724-3277

Electric Beach has six-seater golf carts available for several communities that start at $150 per day. You have a choice between electric or gas-powered carts. Unfortunately, renters must pick up and drop-off as there is no delivery service with this company.

30A Watercolor Golf Cart Rentals, Florida

This resort area boasts Western Lake, a charming dune lake along the coast. Watercolor also hosts a yearly outdoor film festival and an annual Harvest Wine & Food Festival.

golf cart rentals florida

RallyByTheBeach Rentals

(850) 708-7000

They are one of the lowest-priced companies located in the South Walton area for golf cart rentals on 30A Florida. The four-seaters gas-powered carts start at only $75 per day, while their six-seaters begin at $95 each day. They do offer an hourly rental for 30A visitors who do not need a golf cart for an entire day.

Beachside Motorsports

(850) 832-4876

Depending on the need, this 30A company will rent golf carts as short as 30 minutes to as long as a month. Call for prices.

Golf Cart Rentals 30A Gulf Place, FL

Gulf Place is an intimate artist escape within the 30A community. Look for the string of brightly painted huts that contain paintings and drawings from numerous locals.

golf cart rentals on 30A Florida

The Rental Shop 30A

(850) 260-0001

This company offers a full complement of four, six, and eight-passenger golf cart rentals on 30A. But you will need to call for prices, as they are not listed on the company website. They boast 200 five-star reviews, and they say their 30A golf carts are custom-made. They have extended the roofs to the third row of seats since most rooflines stop at the second row and do not provide shade for those in the back. They also offer two extra batteries to increase drive time between charges. The 30A golf cart rental also comes with DOT (Department of Transportation) approved windshields. Maybe best of all, they have eliminated the forward jerk that often happens when a cart is started by building in a stabilizing control.

Outlaw Rentals

(850) 866-8414

Why rent a regular golf cart when you can have one that stands out? This company has outfitted its golf cart rentals on 30A with premium speakers and fancy rims. Several of the best golf cart rentals 30A has to offer, search for ones modified to look like an old Model A Ford limousine and one that looks like a fire truck. They have also created some of the fancier carts on the beach, including the Green Machine, Purple Haze, and Pink Panther. It is hard to miss these colorful carts.

Best Golf Cart Rentals 30A, Florida

We like Hangout By the Sea, Destin Elite Cart Rentals, and Outlaw Rentals. These companies have created golf carts rentals that stand out against the 30A competition. In addition, these rentals sport exquisite style and features that you are sure to enjoy during your vacation. These companies take the business seriously, so you do not have to. Instead, you can rest easy on your holiday knowing that you are in good hands with a professional 30A rental company that provides safe and reliable golf carts that offer a luxurious ride during your time away. And, if you are an owner on 30A, Destin, or Miramar, we have over 30 years of experience in managing rental properties hassle-free, with high ROI and competitive low rates. We manage vacation rentals in Santa Rosa, Miramar Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Gulf Place, Rosemary Beach, Destin, Grayton Beach, Dune Allen Beach, Seacrest Beach, Seagrove Beach, Seaside, and Watercolor beach.

Golf Cart Rental Information for 30A Florida

So, can you drive a golf cart on 30A? The short answer is yes, you can drive golf carts on 30A Florida.

By federal statute, golf carts are classified as Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs) because they weigh less than 3,000 pounds and cannot travel faster than 25 mph. Therefore, LSVs are subject to the same laws, requirements, and conditions as an automobile. As such, LSVs must be registered and insured. In addition, all LSV golf cart drivers must possess a valid driver’s license. Most local companies expect all drivers to be 25 or older, while some allow 21-year-olds to drive. Although Florida laws do not permit LSVs on streets with speed limits higher than 35 mph, they may cross streets and roads that do. Local governments have the right to limit or bar LSV operation on any road they determine would hurt the safety of drivers, riders, or bystanders. Consequently, not all golf carts on 30A are street legal. Those golf carts that aren’t street legal may only be driven within private 30A communities and on private roads. In addition, these carts do not usually contain all the safety equipment required of a street-legal 30A golf cart.

30A Golf Cart Rules

Drivers of golf carts 30A need to follow some important safety and responsibility guidelines. Failure to heed them will void your contract and force the company to confiscate your cart – with no rebate of your unused portion. Some guidelines that will force the confiscation of your 30A golf cart:

  • Driving on US Highway 98 (a 40-mph road)
  • Driving or riding without a fastened seat belt
  • Transporting any child under 3 without a car seat
  • Transporting any child in the driver’s lap
  • Driving with headphones
  • Driving while using your cell phone
  • Driving on the sidewalk
  • Driving on the beach
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol

As a street-legal vehicle, all drivers of golf carts 30A are under the same guidelines as they would be driving a car, truck, SUV, or minivan. If you drive erratically or have open containers of alcohol, you may be subject to a DUI citation.

All reputable companies remind you to check with your vacation property rental company before reserving or paying for a 30A golf cart rental. That’s because several local communities do not allow them on their properties. So, be aware, and play it safe by ensuring your vacation rental allows carts. Be sure to keep the golf cart’s keys with you at all times. These street-legal vehicles are not like driving a cart on the golf course. You may be away from your 30A golf cart for several hours. You or your insurance company will then be required to pay the replacement cost of approximately $10,000 if it goes missing. Some companies have welded key boxes to the carts for convenience. Otherwise, keep the keys on you.

Why Rent a Golf Cart on 30A?

Make the most of your 30A holiday by eliminating the stress of fighting traffic, finding parking spaces, or being caged inside the car. These carts are super convenient and more affordable than a car rental. You are more likely to find a 30A rental car parking spot and spend less on holiday travel while on vacation.

What 30A Communities Allow Me to Drive My Golf Cart?

You should have no trouble if your vacation home or bungalow resides in Destin, Inlet Beach, Dune Allen Beach, Panama City Beach, Grayton Beach, Miramar Beach, Rosemary Beach, Seagrove, Watersound, or Watercolor. But you may find it more difficult to rent a 30A golf cart if your getaway location is Seaside, Destiny by the Sea, Destiny West, Alys Beach, or Carillon Beach. Remember, you need to check with your vacation rental company to ensure they allow golf carts 30A on the property or within the community.


Where Can I Rent a Golf Cart Near Me?

More than two dozen local companies provide 30A golf cart rentals. You can find them along Highway 98, near the beaches, or online. Several companies in the 30A area only do business by cell phone. With a simple phone call, you can reserve your golf cart. Many providers will meet you at your lodging and drop it off, making it a convenient and hassle-free purchase.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Golf Cart on 30A?

We have seen prices range from $75 per day with one-day minimums to $200 per day with two-day minimums. So costs average at about $150 per day. Weekly prices can swing between $500 and $1,000, with $695 seeming to be the most common. Several 30A Golf cart rental companies offer various rates throughout the year. Summertime is the most expensive time to rent a golf cart on 30A Florida, with the spring and fall seasons having a slight discount in cost. The lowest prices come in the winter months between November and March, except during the holidays.

Cheapest Golf Cart Rentals Near Me

The least expensive golf cart rentals will be at RallyByTheBeach Rentals. However, several companies do not list their prices online, so you may find a better deal by calling and negotiating. Additionally, the sooner you call before your travel dates, the better deal you are likely to get. You can find other cheap golf cart rentals at Gulf Coast Cart Rentals, Reef Beach Service and Rentals, or Gopherface Rentals. On average, these companies offer rentals for $125-$130 per day, with significant discounts for weekly or monthly rentals.

If you require help with booking a golf cart rental on 30A, call our team today, or read our 30A blog for more information on the area, before contacting the professional team at Beach Luxury Vacations!