Adoringly called the Emerald Coast, Florida’s 30A area is one of the state’s best-kept wonders. Thirteen unique beaches span 20 miles across the Panhandle’s Coastline—There’s no better view.

Even if there is, this isn’t one you want to miss! A bike trek along the 30A is the best way to experience Florida beaches. First, let’s discuss everything you should know before voyaging Florida’s 30A by bicycle. 

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30A Bike Rentals FAQ

How much is it to rent bikes in 30A?

Bike rentals 30A prices vary depending on the bike type. Most often, traditional cruisers range from $25-$35 daily. 

Accessories such as carriers and trailers will likely increase the price by $20-$40. 

Most tandem, mountain, electric, and other specialty bikes are $60-$110 daily. 

Can you ride bikes on 30A? 

Anyone who frequents the Emerald Coast will agree—A 30A bike rental is the best way to explore the scenic landscape.

There is an abundance of bicycle rentals on 30A to choose from and even more trails to take. The Timpoochee Trail is one of Florida’s beloved beachside paths. 


Timpoochee Trail Bike Rental

Bike rentals, Timpoochee trail, 30A Florida—Our favorite combination. 

The Timpoochee Trail is an 18.5-mile trek beginning at Dune Allen Beach and ending at Inlet Beach. The path is doable in one day but can also be explored throughout your vacation as it taps into multiple 30A beaches. 

If there’s one thing you do during an Emerald Coast get-away, track down a Timpoochee Trail Bike Rental. Luckily, doing so won’t be difficult because the trail spans the entire 30A coastline. The following shops will have what you need. 


Miramar Beach Bike Rentals

Miramar Beach’s white sand and dreamy blue water encourage exploration by bike. Fortunately, Miramar Beach bicycle rentals are some of the best on the Gulf Coast. 

Fun Pug Bike Rentals is a company dedicated to enhancing visitors’ experiences. They operate out of Miramar but also service Santa Rosa. The rental company only provides delivery and will drop off your Miramar beach bike rentals before you arrive, free of charge. 


  • $25-$70 daily
  • $55-$200 weekly


  • Standard and multi-speed cruisers
  • Trikes
  • Kid bikes
  • Road bikes 
  • Pushbikes
  • Fat tire mountain bikes 
  • City bikes 
  • Tandem bikes
  • Electric bikes 
  • Baby seats
  • Children, pet, and cargo trailers

Coastal Cruisers also offers excellent 30A Miramar bike rentals. The staff aims to create an unforgettable childhood-like experience for visitors. Guests have the option of reservation and delivery or simply stopping in. 

Aside from Miramar, Coastal Cruisers also delivers to Seaside and Rosemary. Regardless of your vacation spot, you can keep the bike for one day or as long as a week. 


  • $18-$40 daily
  • Contact store for weekly rates


  • Cruisers 
  • Kid bikes 
  • Road bikes 
  • Electric bikes 
  • Child seats and trailers

30A Bike Rentals Miramar Beach – Where to Ride 


Destin Beach Bike Rentals

Destin Beach is well-known for its resortesque culture, surrounded by high-quality dining, shopping, golf courses, and tennis courts. With so much to do, Destin beach bicycle rentals are a necessity. 

Sweet Escape Rentals is a free delivery and pick-up company located eight minutes west of Destin’s hub. However, they also deliver to every single 30A beach. 


  • $25 daily, $5 for each additional day
  • $50 weekly

30A Destin bike rentals options: 

  • Cruisers
  • Kid carriers

30A Bike Rentals Destin Beach – Where to Ride

  • Topsail Hill Preserve State Park: Paths winding through white sand beaches and 25-feet dunes.  


Bike Rentals Santa Rosa Beach FL

White sand and turquoise water as far as the eye can see—Santa Rosa is one of Florida’s most breathtaking beaches. The Florida treasure encompasses most of the beaches along the 30A coastline. 

With hundreds of 30A Santa Rosa Beach bike rentals to choose from, 30A Bike Rentals are the go-to choice. 

To receive free delivery and pick-up, the company asks customers to commit to their Santa Rosa beach bike rentals for at least three days.


  • $25-$50 daily
  • $40-$70 for three days 
  • $60-$85 weekly

30A Santa Rosa Beach bicycle rentals options: 

  • Single and multi-speed bikes 
  • Adult and children trikes 
  • Mountain/hybrid bikes
  • Trailers, kazoos, and weehoos 

Bike Rentals Santa Rosa Beach FL – Where to Ride


Dune Allen Bike Rentals

Dune Allen has stunning coastal dune lakes and unparalleled trails—heaven to a nature-lover! If immersing yourself in Florida’s landscape is your utmost priority during vacation, we suggest you find Dune Allen Bike Rentals as soon as possible. 

Good Pedals is another free delivery rental company that services the 30A beaches. The company ensures your Dune Allen beach bicycle rentals are waiting at your rental home before you arrive. 

Because Dune Allen is popular amongst hikers, bikers, and fishers, visitors frequent the beach year-round. Good Pedals prides itself on being fully available 365 days a year. In recognition of The Emerald Coast’s diverse landscape, they carry bikes for varying uses and provide free roadside assistance. 

Regardless of the season, the company’s prompt availability eases the stress associated with reserving quality bikes. 


  • $30-$40 daily 
  • $60-$90 weekly

30A Dune Allen bike rentals options: 

  • Cruisers 
  • Cruisers with front or rear baby seat
  • Kid bikes 
  • Trikes
  • Child, gear, and pet trailers

30A Bike Rentals Dune Allen Beach – Where to Ride

  • The Greenway Trails: A paved path with wooden bridges and impressive views. 


Gulf Place Beach Bike Rentals

Full of unique coffee shops, bars, and boutiques, a 30A bikes rental undoubtedly enhances a Gulf Place getaway. 

YOLO Board + Bike sits off the corner of 393 and 30A in Gulf Place. The luxury beach equipment company provides Gulf Place Beach bicycle rentals. 

If you’re interested in a classic cruiser, you’ll have to pick it up from the shop. YOLO Board + Bike also supplies electric bikes. If you opt for these modern 30A Gulf Place bike rentals, the company delivers them directly to wherever you’re staying. 

Gulf Place Beach bike rentals cost and options: 

  • Cruisers: $30 daily, $5 each additional day 
  • Electric Bikes: $95 daily, $75 each additional day

30A Bike Rentals Gulf Place Beach – Where to Ride

  • Longleaf Pine Trailhead: 14-mile trailhead that runs through sandhills and longleaf pine trees.  


Blue Mountain Beach Bike Rentals

Blue Mountain Beach gets its name from the blue lupine flowers framing its crystalline water. The beach also has massive 65-feet dunes overlooking the water.  

Big Daddy’s Bike Shop is at the pristine community’s High Point Center. Customers can pick up their 30A Blue Mountain Beach bicycle rentals in-store or have them delivered. Both options are free. 

Cost: Big Daddy’s has four hundred 30A Blue Mountain bike rentals, so prices vary. 

Blue Mountain Beach bike rentals options: 

  • Single and multi-speed cruisers
  • Kid bikes
  • Road bikes 
  • Mountain bikes 
  • Fat tire sand bikes 
  • Tandems
  • Hybrid multi-gear bikes 
  • Child, cargo, and pet trailers
  • Child carriers and weehoos 

Bike Rentals Blue Mountain Beach FL – Where to Ride 

  • Timpoochee Trail Mile Marker 6: Where Blue Mountain Beach taps into the trail and runs parallel with Big Redfish Lake. 


Grayton Beach Bike Rentals 

Is there any other way to experience Grayton’s renowned 2,000 acres than by a 30A bike rental? 

Unfortunately, Grayton Beach doesn’t have many bike shops. Luckily, Jongle services the Santa Rosa area and frequently has 30A Grayton Beach bicycle rentals readily available. Jongle rentals include free delivery and pick-up, as well. 

30A Grayton bike rentals cost and options:  

  • Cruisers: $35 daily, $5 each additional day
  • Electric bikes: $100 daily

Bike Rentals Grayton Beach FL – Where to Ride 

Hike and Bike Trail: A 4.5-mile path through Grayton’s breathtaking forest. 


Bike Rentals Watercolor FL

Watercolor is a small community with luxurious-feeling attractions. Many visitors use 30A Watercolor bike rentals to explore the surrounding communities during the day before heading back for a peaceful night. 

Therefore, Yellowfin Ocean Sports are perfect 30A Watercolor Beach bicycle rentals. Yellowfin’s rentals aren’t safe for night riding, so their single-day use is more affordable than other companies. 


  • $20 daily
  • $40 for 2-3 days
  • $55 for 4-7 days

Bike rental Watercolor Beach 30A Florida options: 

  • Cruisers
  • Complimentary lock, basket, and helmet  

Bike Rentals Watercolor FL – Where to Ride

Western Lake Park: Runs parallel to the massive coastal dune lake. 


Bike Rentals Seaside FL

Seaside’s nearly utopian architecture complements its picturesque beachfront. Most guests enjoy strolling through the community on a 30A Seaside bike rental. 

The Seaside community is one of three beaches, Seaside Transit Authority offers delivery and pick-up services. The rental company requires a 48-hour notice to deliver their 30A Seaside Beach bicycle rentals. 


  • $25.50 to $40.80 daily 
  • $61.20 to $91.80 weekly 

Bike rental Seaside Beach 30A Florida options: 

  • Cruisers 
  • Kids BMX bikes 
  • Trikes 
  • Kid and cargo trailers 
  • Tag-a-long bikes 

Bike Rentals Seaside FL – Where to Ride 

Cerulean Park: A peaceful path running through tropical greenery and past impressive fountains. 


Seagrove Bike Rentals 

Seagrove’s lively community is abundant in alluring tree groves and magnolias. 30A Seagrove beach bicycle rentals are the perfect way to fully absorb the beachfront’s rare beauty. 

Big Fish Bike Rentals is only one mile away from Seagrove. The rental company ensures your Seagrove bike rentals are waiting for you as soon as you pull up. Big Fish’s owner prides himself on meeting his customers’ every need to ensure their vacation is as relaxing as possible. 

Guests can use the bikes for a half-day or up to a week. 


  • $25-$50 daily 
  • $55-$110 weekly, $5 each additional day

Seagrove Beach bike rentals options: 

  • Single and multi-speed cruisers
  • Kid bikes 
  • Mountain bikes 
  • Trikes 
  • Tandems
  • Hitchhikers and trailers 

30A Bike Rentals Seagrove – Where to Ride

Timpoochee Trail Mile Marker 10: Ride into the trail from mile marker 10, and it will eventually lead you to the Gulf side. 


Seacrest Beach Bike Rentals

Seacrest is a cozy beachfront with one-of-a-kind dining and shopping. Most visitors get around by Seacrest beach bicycle rentals. 

Salt Air 30A bike rentals are approximately 3 miles from Seacrest beach. However, Salt Air delivers to the entire 30A area, free of cost. 

Bike rental Seacrest beach 30A Florida cost and options: 

  • Cruisers: $20 daily and $60 weekly 
  • 3-speeds: $30 daily and $80 weekly 
  • Electric bikes: $100 daily and $500 weekly 

30A Bike Rentals Seacrest Beach – Where to Ride

Deer Lake State Park is 8 minutes by bike from Seacrest and full of beaches, wildlife, picnic areas, and more. 


Alys Beach Bike Rentals

The towering white architecture on Alys Beach takes most guests by surprise. The affluent-feeling town is reminiscent of a traditional white Bermuda home. 

Rent Gear Here allows guests to view the beautiful community by 30A Alys beach bicycle rentals. The rental company is well-known across the coast as they provide free delivery directly to vacation properties, all the way from Destin to Panama City. 


  • $35-$70 daily
  • $60-$120 weekly 

30A Alys Beach bike rentals options: 

  • Cruisers 
  • Cruisers with a baby seat 
  • Kids bikes 
  • Tandems
  • Trikes 
  • Cargo and kid trailers 
  • Weehoos 
  • Tag-a-longs

Bike Rentals Alys Beach FL – Where to Ride 

  • The Nature Trail: The northern 20 acres of Alys Beach, complete with a peaceful trail that follows a curved wooden bridge. 


Rosemary Beach Bike Rentals

Considered one of America’s most romantic small towns, Rosemary Beach bike rentals greatly enhance the experience. 

Peddlers 30A bike rentals is the largest bike service in 30A and is less than a half-mile from Rosemary’s waterfront. Peddlers 30A is an excellent option for Rosemary beach bicycle rentals, but they also serve the other 30A beaches. 


  • $30-$40 daily
  • $60-100 weekly 

30A Rosemary bike rentals options:  

  • Cruisers 
  • Kid bikes
  • Trikes 
  • Hybrids 
  • Tandems 
  • Trailers 
  • Baby chairs 

30A Bike Rentals Rosemary Beach – Where to Ride

Gayle’s Trails: Paved trails that wind through forest corridors in Frank Brown Park. 


30A Electric Bike Rentals 

A majority of the bike rentals on 30A have electric options, but Pedego Electric Bikes specializes in them. Located on Grayton Beach, Pedego helps customers find the best bike for their desired use. 


  • $25-$30 hourly
  • $60-$75 per half day 
  • $90-$120 daily

Electric bike rental options:  

  • Element 
  • Premium 
  • Stretch 
  • Tandem 
  • Trail tracker 


The Best Bike Rentals on 30A Florida 

There is much to explore on Florida’s Panhandle. After a long day of sightseeing and bike-riding, cruise back to your luxury vacation rental and recharge for tomorrow. 

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